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Apply now: International press card 2017
International Press Card, Press Photographer Card, Car Sign, Certificate and the European Journalist Legitimation include. The world is consolidating, also in the press and media sector. As a recognised association in this sector, GNS is authorised to issue Press Cards. In this relation, persons who work as part-time journalists are welcome to join GNS Press. i Option: You want no online application? Print out the membership application and send it by post. All shipping costs included (worldwide).
 Membership accreditation:
127,00 Euro  
 only one time fee  Fee 2017:   27 Euro
 International Press Card:
0,00 Euro  
  Editorial confirmation:  0,00 Euro  
 Press Photographer Card:
0,00 Euro  
  Press sign for vehicles:  0,00 Euro  
 Digital Press Card:
0,00 Euro  
  Accreditation cards:  0,00 Euro  
 Membership certificate:
0,00 Euro  
  Express processing / 72-hour service:  27 Euro

Step 1: Your personal data for the Press Card
 Salutation*:    *Entries required
 Title, First- and Surname*:  
 City or Place*:    
 Date of birth*:   - -  
 Company name on the card?    35 characters maximum

Different invoice address? [only complete, if required]
 Company name:  

Step 2: upload your passport photo/jpg-file necessary
 Upload passport photo:    
Now select your passport photo for your press card (jpg-file). Maximum width 640 pixels and height 814 pixels. If you do not have a digital passport photo available at the moment then you can do this at a later date or you can send us the photograph by email. Info: passport photo

Step 3: Service fees und send application
 Active as a journalist:    I am active as a journalist and confirm this with: Yes
 Terms of business (AGB):    I've read the AGB and confirm this with: Yes
 GNS membership fee:    127 Euros one-off admission fee include all documents
 Express processing:    27 Euros for shipping service within 72 hours
 Service fee (first year):    Icon-Kontrollkästchen  36 Euros - invoiced proportionately in the first year
 Redeem a voucher code:     Do you have an authorized voucher? Once-only validity!
The next steps: You will receive a provisional membership confirmation and then you can make the payment (payment method: bank transfer or paypal). You will be informed of the bank details in the confirmation email. Payments via credit card cannot be accepted. Shipping costs included.
 GNS Press Membership:  


• International Press Card (IPC)
• Registered press ID card
• Authorised accreditation certificate
• Accreditation confirmation in three languages
• European Journalist Legitimation
• Forgery-proof press sign for the car
• Digital Press Card-Version
• Separate login (agent area)
• Personalised proof of editorship
The yearly membership fee will be calculated proportionately for the current year. Example: If a membership commences in May, only the months from May to December will be charged.

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